All About Our Family


Welcome to Matthew & Bianca’s Website.

I have designed several websites and have always dreamt of one day be able to put up a blog site for my twins – to journal their daily “fun” life. From what they do, what they love to do, what they do in general and what my husband and I do to keep with our growing twins!

Let me tell you a few things about Matthew and Bianca. They are fraternal twins who recently turned 4 years old. Ah yes, time definitely flies so fast.

Matthew is a smart & sweet boy who loves doing a show (telling a story about anything and everything). He also loves to build – legos, puzzles, blocks, playdoh and etc. He is also very fond of toy cars, play vehicles, race tracks, trains, construction vehicles and airplanes such as  – lightning McQueen cars, paw patrol, blaze and the monster machines, Thomas the train, hot wheels and more. Other things he enjoys are as follows: playing basketball & soccer, singing – composes his song, and of course, playing with his twin sister Bianca.

Bianca is a witty & loving girl who loves to dance (ballet specifically). She can spin and spin and spin several times without getting dizzy. She loves to read books and collect items about her favorite characters like Sophia the First, Elsa and Anna of Frozen, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Elena of Avalor, Paw Patrol, Dora and Friends, Shimmer and Shine, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies and etc. She also enjoys keeping up with fashion – pretty dresses, shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and nail polish. Of course, she loves to play with her twin brother Matthew.

In the next coming days, I will post videos and photos of twins about what they do, what they play, what they learn, and where they go. Stay tuned as this will definitely be a long but fun journey.

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