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Shimmer and Shine Magic Wishes Jewelry Box Wish Come True

If you have read my very first post – Welcome to Matthew and Bianca’s Website, you will learn that Bianca loves Shimmer and Shine – an animated children’s television series which airs on Nick Jr. The video is about explaining what the Shimmer and Shine Magic Wishes Jewelry Box is all about. What she thinks it is, how it works and why she loves it.

The series is all about the magical misadventures of Shimmer and Shine which illustrates the positive side of making mistakes and learning from them for kids. I don’t typically like my kids watching too much animated series unless they are from Nick Jr. as there are a few that showcases learning platform for kids. And although, Shimmer and Shine seems to be too magical in nature, a child watching it may learn a few things about acknowledging your mistakes and doing better the next time. I will write another post about reviewing some of the NOT so worsts animated children’s TV series that is appropriate for kids next time.

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